Teaching knitting

So by a happy coincidence I managed to wangle myself into teaching some knitting courses next fall and winter. My local library was looking for someone, and that someone will be me. I've taught many knitting courses in the past at all levels of skill and covering all the major techniques.

Some background: last fall I approached the town office and said I would like to do this, strictly as a volunteer thing, and would they have a space for me to use? Nope. They could only offer spaces that would have to be rented out. Not interested in taking money or dealing with rent (especially when you don't know the commitment of potential students) I went away pretty disgruntled.

I'm pretty jazzed at this point and already the wheels are turning in my head. It sounds like a beginner course is what is required, and those are the most fun to teach. Seeing people "get it" is very rewarding, because I know what kind of great pastime knitting can become.
Summer isn't even here yet and I'm already keen for fall. It has always been my favourite season, and now there's another reason why.
Happy knitting!


  1. This is exciting. Your students are going to be lucky to have such a great teacher. Keep us all posted on the class as it develops.


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