Thursday, January 29, 2015


 You may remember that I knit up a sofa blanket using this Geologee yarn. As often happens, there was a bit of yarn left over. And I had a class to teach about knitting from the top down. So I found a free pattern on Ravelry ( by Joy Jannotti) and quickly whipped it up. It is called Baby Cardigan.

I thought I could try to sell this cardigan now that the class is over. I purchased two pairs of pants to match, and a onesie. On the latter I stitched the word "sprout" hoping this will appeal to people shopping at the gardening show I will be at in March. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

And the Reveal!

Looking at the south window. The big bed used to be to the left. I love the more open feel through the middle - it is so much more inviting to me now. One job that took awhile was to rip out the old air conditioner from that left window. I am so glad that is gone!

In the foreground is the Artisat loom and in behind is a walnut desk. The bright green thing is a suitcase I like to use for taking my Lendrum wheel to classes. The desk is already so useful. I realized I had only one table in this whole house, the dining table, and so I was not pulling out the sewing machine much because of it.

 The Artisat from the other side. It is a very light-filled space. But I have also installed a lot of lighting so it can be used when the sun doesn't shine.

This is my vintage hutch that houses a lot of my spinning fiber. Clearly I still need to get some of the fiber out of bags so it is prettier and more inspiring. The cross thing in front of the window is my Wooden Spinner. It is for making skeins and has a yardage counter built in.

See that blue cabinet? It was here in a shed when I bought the house. Last week I stripped off the varnish and stained it that gorgeous blue.  It houses my weaving tools. The long tools just  fit into the right hand side. On top of the cabinet you see the newly acquired Northwest Looms inkle loom. The Medico-S stands in front of the west window. Also you can see a bit of the gorgeous Polonaise wheel there. Through that door is the room we refer to as the office or the livingroom. Mostly I knit in there and do computer work.

I just fell in love with this desk when I spotted it at the resale shop. It's a very sturdy antique. It even has two drawers. The more storage I have, the better.

And this final shot, looking north, again shows that I have opened up the room. The closet in the back right is quite large, but right now has multiple functions. It is back-to-back with another closet in the office. Both need to be emptied and organized better. There is even a closet in the dining room that is adjacent to these two. I could make a whole  room out of those three closets!
But wait. I think this is enough for the time being.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bed out, crafts in!

 So here are some "before pictures" as I prepare to convert the guest bedroom to just a craft space. Okay so I have partially started the conversion and the room is a mess. But it gives you a little idea of what I'm up to. This corner with the two looms is a bit crowded! It makes it tight for walking through the door and into the office/livingroom.
And here is the opposite corner of the room. This queen bed has been sold now and once out of the way will make a lot of new space for me. I am thinking the bigger loom, the Artisat, will go across to this corner. The biggest loom I have, the Nilus II now lives in the Tuff Shed (very happy there!). You can see this room has great light. That's just one set of windows (south facing) and there is another equally large set on the west wall.
I am anxious to gain this new space. Yesterday I made up this floor plan. One square equals ten inches. The furniture pieces are movable and held somewhat with a roll of tape on the back. I always make floor plans just like this when I move into a new space.
I will try a bunch of layouts. For example I have already moved the "High Cabinet" 90 degrees so when I open it up I can stand in the walkway to the office (to the left). Thus I don't have to leave as much space around it clear. I am reluctant to put large pieces of furniture in front of the windows because they extend down quite low and I cherish the light. The spinning wheels can sit in front of windows.
 Again, pardon the mess, but I was anxious to get started with the conversion from guest room to studio space, The lovely cabinet in the centre houses a lot of my spinning fiber, well everything except for bigger fleeces. I am pretty sure that cabinet will stay put because it really works well in that corner.
Another before picture so you can see the Texas Squish (an intimate loom dance) and also the door leading into the room we use as office and livingroom. The closet is at the right and has clothing, floor cleaning equipment, clothes iron and ironing board, and a bunch of craft stuff. I believe I am ready to down-size some of the clothing department. I still have fancier clothes from when I worked in an office that I can get rid of. There is also a small multi-drawer cabinet in that corner with weaving tools.