Wednesday, January 27, 2016

SANTA and the Marls


 I have not stopped crafting or moving ahead with life, but merely wanted to keep the post with the looms at the top as long as possible. But it is unlike me to not be bragging about something, so here goes.
First of all, the holiday season has been here and gone. No snow again! Well it is Texas after all. Santa was spotted giving out gifts to deserving children.
There have been no big changes in my life recently. The winter guild is running strong this year and I spend a lot of time preparing notes and examples and patterns for that. We meet every two weeks and in between there are two social knitting clubs I attend weekly.
The kitchen is undergoing a remodel right now. I am doing it all myself and so this impacts quite a bit on how much spare time I have left over. I will post some pictures when it is done.
The other day a squirrel had got into the woodstove via the chimney. I lowered a thick rope down the chimney to affect an escape route and sure enough, I think within the hour the rodent was gone. But since I have to get back up on the roof to untie the ropes, I will be cleaning the chimney at the same time and attaching some metal mesh over the opening. Where is Santa when I need him? He's got the experience with chimneys.

This clay button is from a set I bought years ago, with no apparent purpose at the time. Now that my Roylston Jacket is spun and knit and assembled, the buttons were perfect on it. I will try to get a decent photo of me in the jacket. The merino wool is so warm and it has been the perfect thing for chilly morning walks.

This is the second crimp cloth scarf I have made and I designed all aspects of this weave myself. I am happy with the result and the linen in this project gives it some body. I have learned a lot with this project and will continue my exploration of shibori crimp cloth.

Something that is still underway is this sunny fabric. Four strips like this will come together to make a ruana eventually. Currently I am knitting on strip number three. I have to say that working with yellow is very pleasing to me and certainly a pick me up on the odd overcast day we have had here.

In one of the Guild Spinning classes we discussed ways to deal with brightly coloured roving. I chose to split my braid in half and spin one from the beginning end and the other from the back end. Then the two were plied together. The result was this marled fabric which I quite love. The fingerless mitts are a free Ravelry pattern called Camp Out Mitts. They still need to be blocked out here.

I probably already showed this but now it is complete. Unfortunately I did not hear from the lady who asked for this to be knit, so it will be going on the sale table soon!

There are two weaving projects underway as well as a baby blanket on the knitting needles. Oh and a funky cowl that I must take some snaps of.

So these are the colours of my winter. Festive, fun, bright and marled. I am loving it all.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Weaving and Spinning Stuff for sale

I am facilitating the advertising of these spinning and weaving items for a friend. I am not the seller nor do I represent the seller. If you have an interest in these items please contact me and I will connect you to the seller. Any details of the purchase are between you and the seller. 

I am at: rocdoc49 with the last part of the address @ "ac.evil" with the part in quotation marks reversed. Thank you. 

1. Oxaback Combination Drawloom – single unit and pattern saver;
160 cm Oxaback  with bench
2 back beams
20 ground shafts
Two battens - one with fly shuttle and one without
Combination draw with pattern storage system
50 pattern shafts and single unit and pattern storage

There are also several temples to send with the loom.

Stainless steel reeds - quantity 12

I feel it only right to include the Oxaback  4 meter warping mill and the Oxaback trapeze.  These two items are essential in preparing a proper warp and beaming it on.  The trapeze can be used on other looms, as well. 

Length -10'
Width 6'3"
Height 80"

I was thinking $10,000 for total package...however...I am lowering the price to $8,500 (less than half price)

2. Woolhouse Loom – 16 shaft; 24 in weaving width; table loom with stand; two side trays; loom extender; treadle tracker; $2,700 new. Price lowered Dec 10 to $ 1,900 plus buyer pays shipping.

3. Gilmore Gem II loom– sectional beam; cloth trap which attaches to the front beam; Additional tray which mounts and is on top of the loom; additional inserted eye heddles; retail cost $2,500; selling price $1,700.

4. Glimakra Julia loom– 8 shaft countermarche; have all the pieces to set up as counterbalance; retails for $1950 and asking $1600; great for taking to workshops as it slides easily into vans; additional bench for $199.

5. Weldon books, Set of 12 – originally published in 1800s in UK; for sale is the Interweave 1999 version; currently out of print; in perfect condition; retails $500; this set will be offered at $400; needlework of all sorts.

6. Of  Coverlets book – by Sadye Tune Wilson and Doris Finch Kennedy; this is a library copy with normal library wear but no turned down corners; retails for $235 to $400; will sell for $200.

7. Ashford Joy spinning wheel – with travel bag; lists for $830, asking $650; 3 bobbins.

8. Kromski Minstrel spinning wheel – clear finish; 3 bobbins with built in lazy kate; list $630, asking $500. 


Sunday, December 6, 2015

Happy Holidays

A year ago I had a table set up at an artists' fair and a lady noticed some bright Turkish stockings I was knitting up. She loved the colours and the wool and asked if I would make her a Christmas stocking with the same yarns. She also wanted the designs to be Andean type motifs. I agreed to take on the job.

 I really enjoyed designing and making this. I have books with traditional motifs in them. That is were I drew from, for the majority of the motifs. I charted it all out on one large sheet of graph paper. the knitting up was done at camp and the sewing and finishing was down south.

Now I just hope the lady remembers to call me up. I asked her for her contact info and instead she took my card and said she would call me. We had agreed to a price, so that part was fine.

Well if she does not appear in 2015..... anyone want to buy a unique Christmas stocking??