Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The North is calling

I have been busy with closing down the house and packing things to take north with us. So there has not been a lot of time to do much crafts. This is about 12 oz of merino (Fat Cat Knits "Vancouver" colourway) that I just plied up. It is a three ply. I hope I have time today to skein it up. I intend to take this plus the rest of this fibre north and finish spinning it there. With a total of 2 lbs I can contemplate a larger knit or woven project.

Next time I write it will be from the north woods. I ache to be there and with the early spring I am itchy to get going.

I've had a busy winter season with lots of teaching and two craft shows. I did pretty well, and so am happy with it all. But I need to go and recharge my batteries now.

Monday, March 30, 2015

On a kick to finish things

It's been an exciting year in the south for me. I have done a large amount of teaching and have explored more techniques in spinning, knitting and weaving. Yes, even in knitting one can find new things to do (check out the Twigg Stitch). But the days in the south are numbered, since the heat is cranking up and we haven't got any air conditioning here. Thank goodness we have wind and three excellent overhead fans in this cottage. Now I am in the mood to complete a bunch of things and start to think about what I may want to haul north.

 I used two colours of variegated tencel for the warp threads and a variegated silk for weft. This project was the first one I did with the flying shuttle beater on the big loom. Great colours, eh?
 And get a load of the drape on this shawl. I did have some issues with the tencel shredding but in the finishing I was able to correct any little problems. I am looking forward to using this, but with temperatures in the upper 80s and 90s, it will not be soon. Maybe this is one thing that should go north.
Now, this crazy thing is not sure what it will be when it grows up. I am taking all the experimental and learning pieces of fabric I have woven and  am sewing them together. I'd like to have a practical item that documents my early steps in weaving. I suppose it might wind up as a blanket or quilt, since I already have a sizeable piece.

Last week I participated in one craft fair/garden show where I had a table of things for sale. I did fairly well there. In a couple of weeks there is a second artists' sale going on and I have my spot booked. Wish me luck.

In the meantime I will be trying to finish up a shawl (or will it be a poncho?) in purple wool/acrylic. The stitch pattern is called Ladyslipper.
Here is the real McCoy from camp. Stay tuned for the knitted shawl pictures.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Some of the colours

 This is the senior rooster that belongs to our neighbours. There are two junior roosters there as well, so you can imagine the noise at times. We have a large backyard and the roosters spend most of their time picking at insects on our property. 
 Yesterday I carded up a few wool batts. Do you think I may have got some of my colour inspiration from that rooster? I also taught my last Guild class of the season, so it was a bit sad for me. But quite the accomplishment too, as it represented the thirtieth class I have taught in this town. All free by the way. 
 The bluebonnets are starting to bloom nicely in the back field. 
And the pear blossoms are attracting a lot of bees. 
This morning the dew hung heavy on the blades of grass. 
Fog at sunrise. Today.