Ten Year Anniversary

Ten years ago today I purchased this little rock house in the Hill Country of Texas. I was widowed and single and looking for a big change in my life. Not even three weeks previous to that point in time,  I had retired from my full time work (April 3) plus I sold and closed on my big house in northern Ontario, on the very same day. 
So the idea was to come down here to Texas in the winters and return home for the summer. 
Once I was sporting this terrific little home, I enticed a certain Mr B.S. to join me in all of life's adventures. So that tenth anniversary is yet to come (November). But retired life has treated me well and it is wonderful to be retired at a young age. 
All is good. On to the next ten years!!

Ulla Cyrus Loom

Get a look at what followed me home recently! I have gleefully adopted "Courage"  - my new addition to the family. WELCOME.

The original owner of this loom was William Dyer, a famous weaver who lived in California and Washington State. He made very fine damasks with this loom. 

 A very large loom manufactured by Oxaback in Sweden. The model is called "Ulla Cyrus". It is a vertical countermarch with 16 shafts and 18 treadles. Plus it has the additional, optional unit draw and pattern shaft draw. Two different drawloom attachments. The weaving width is 63 inches.

 I picked up this beauty in the north part of Texas, and the loom was already disassembled. This photo shows just a fraction of the gear. It was great fun to meet the current owner.

Here we have returned home and both the box of the truck and the 5 x 12  landscape trailer are entirely filled with loom pieces. Completely. It is a lot of gear.

And this is a glimpse at a small portion of the loom pieces. The lo…

Pecan trees

After What happens to pecan trees when you are not around to water them, is that they die. The Texas summers are brutally hot and dry. A few years back, when we were removing the trunks from some trees already cut down, we found evidence of underground irrigation. A very old system. So it is apparent that without the aid of a lot of water, these pecan trees are not surviving well. I think I only have six trees left, of the nineteen that were on the property when I moved in. I am coming up to my ten year anniversary in this home. 
It is going to take some adjusting to the reality of these big gaps. I love trees and am always very sad when they have to go. Yesterday three trees were taken down by safe methods.  I am glad that these trees will never be able to damage our buildings. But I am saddened by their loss. 
Well, on to better news. I am always crafting and teaching about it. Recently I have been helping a couple of gals get going on their rigid heddle weaving…

Mermaids as Home Security

Here is a collection of mermaid art pieces that grace my southern home. I suppose you could look at them as my home security system. It is very high tech. 
Mermaids have a strong spirit. 
 Just today I received this lovely mermaid as a gift. Some great friends thought of me!! Of course she looks just like me . Not! She is at my driveway side door. She will greet visitors.

 This mermangel has been with me a long time. I found her at an Art Gallery in Selkirk Manitoba. She was at the side door but has been moved to the side wall , near the side door and carport.

 This gal is my largest mermaid. I purchased her right after buying this house. I found her in a boutique in Fredericksburg. She hangs at the front wall of the front porch. She is seen from the street.

 This mermaid with the fish is camped out on one side of my huge rock shed. She is also visible from the street. I like how her hair kind of covers her endowments.

 I like the detail on this mermaid. She is on the rock shed but fa…

Loose ends

Much time has passed since I wrote. We had a fun time this fall at camp with plenty of 

visitors and still enough time for crafts. I finished weaving the Clematis vine cloth and have brought it south. It will be installed into a room divider screen.

I used two different wool yarns in the weaving of this monk's belt cloth. I wove it 59 inches wide in the reed. It is mostly constructed now into a fall coat. The main body is the lighter purple and the darker, more tweedy purple was used for cuffs and bottom edge and front opening edges. I did not quite finish the coat and have left it in Canada for now. 

This is the pattern I am following for the coat. Simplicity Coat.  In some places this design is called the Bog Jacket. 

This is a hat I designed and made for a special little guy. It has two very colourful pom poms attached to it now and blocking has been finished. This is a hat and scarf combo. I made it in wool and was using up scraps. The theme is shorelines and creatures of the s…

I have gone and melted!

Jeepers but it has been a very hot spring and summer.  The worst part of it was having all that humidity but no rain!

Recently I participated at the Artisan Fair at the local bass classic fish tournament. Although I was in the shade of a large pavilion, it was a hot day. Not many folks were thinking about wrapping themselves up in wool.  I did sell enough to cover my expenses though! I demonstrated spinning all day long and the children really enjoyed that.

I saw this cross stitch kit and had to have it.  The Black Pearl is a design by The Primitive Hare. This mermaid is being stitched up right now.  At 15 stitches per inch though, it will take awhile.

Inspired by a book about knitting in circles I am using up oddments of spring green yarn.  I hope to make a fun shawl out of this some day.

 Have I shown you my yarn production during this year's Tour de Fleece? All the skeins are two ply. All are wool but different types. The white is the rambouillet fibre which has been a long ru…