Tuesday, August 11, 2015

rocks, logs and dirt

Well you know that the other half of the equation does not ever sit still. A lot has been going on here with the landscape and with building stuff.
 Here is a view from across Turtle Bay of what 20 loads of gravel look like atop our landing. The footprint of the landing has not changed. But we have jacked up the elevation by almost two feet. The flooding of our lake is happening with more frequency (every year for some years) and we were unable to use our landing or dock,
 Wouldn't you know it the lake has been dropping markedly every day since this gravel was brought in. I believe this is unusual for late July and early August.
We can't seem to get a break with consistent water levels . We might have to take the big boat out of the water soon or else we might not be able to tie up at the dock anymore.

Here is the generator shack being built. BS is using his engi-nerding experience to make something that will keep the new generator protected from rain. Also it will quiet down the noise. Contrary to some generators in this area, ours will be very quiet. 

We do know how to have fun. Here is the evidence. 

Is it August already?

 So here we are in August already and finally I got to my Mighty Wolf loom and fired off a project. I still need to wash this fabric and hem it. I think it will be a baby blanket for a new special baby.
 The warp threads are aqua perle cotton in a 5/2. The weft is a slubby boucle that I think is synthetic and is 2/16. There is a bit of an iridescence to this cloth.
The draft is a point twill on 8 shafts. I love the wavy aspect. It was an easy treadling, that's for sure.
I can't wait to see this one finished.

 The fox that trots across our property (its territory) likes to stop near the solar shed and have a little snooze in the morning. It catches the early rays of sun there. Here she was washing her paws and scratching the top of her head.
After this episode of scratching it rolled onto its back and wiggled around like a puppy dog.

Friday, June 26, 2015

June Knitting

 So here is the beginning of a wool baby blanket I am doing. The pattern is from an old Mon Tricot magazine from 73/74. The brown frame will be throughout as will the white central square. I will switch up the middle colour from olive green to light purple to light brown to navy blue. This just happened to be wool I had in my stash. A relatively soft polwarth I believe. It will have a modern checkerboard look to it when the strips are pieced together.

 This is a poncho that can be worn with the point hanging down in the front, back or, heck, even at the side. It is a deep rich purple wool/acrylic. The stitch pattern is from an old stitch dictionary and was called ladyslipper pattern.
 Here is another view of the poncho. It stretches nicely to go over the shoulders.

Here is the finished shawl I knit up using my own hand spun wool. It is immensely gratifying to do the design, the spinning and the knitting. This started out as two rectangles. Each was knit of a highly overspun single yarn. Each was made with yarn with a different direction of twist. So the skewing of the lace and fabric piece is entirely because of the overtwisted yarn. 

Apologies about my shappy looking deck. A year ago I stained it white, but it would appear that the water seal product I had beneath that still had some vitality to it. Maybe in a year or two I can sand it down and re-apply the white stain. 

  This was a fun experiment and even though it took a long time I am happy I did it. Even my tassels have a wicked twist to them!

You might be able to make out the Ribbon Lace in this close up. I have always loved pink and grey and now I have a piece that combines both. Cheers!