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There's the picture somewhere.
The time of reflection is still going on. What has sorted itself out clearly so far is this.

My motto in life : Have fun.

My main interest : To find my next interest.

My marker in life will read: To explore from the start.

I have curves

So you have to go and check out this short video.

I'm sure there's a way to link this to you better, but it's one something in the a.m.

Now I have to tell you that my friend V just sent this to me. Yeah, she saw me dance for five straight hours last Saturday. So I am incredible flattered that she sent me this. Not sure what the relationship is, in her mind? that I can dance like this? That I dance the total opposite to this? Either way, thanks V.
Another happy moment brought to you by a friend.

And the truth is, I can't dance like that. I have curves.

Too good not to share

(copyright belongs to Hallmark Cards, Inc. Please do not take and use for monetary gain)

For little Tara

Finally I got the buttons onto this project. I'm not wild about the buttons for this coat, but they are the best option on hand. They are actually lovely antique eggplant coloured things. I knit this all up using leftover wool on hand from other projects. And it's not pink. Sorry Tara, but your little wardrobe needed an adjustment! The colourwork is done by working with two strands of different colour at the same time. At some point, I dropped one of the strands and picked up yet another colour. And on it goes. This was a freewheeling project - the best kind. Best wishes to you little baby Tara. Stay warm.

She's one of the mermaids I painted on my closet doors. Anything is better than vinyl made to look like knotty pine.