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Some of the changes

At camp this year BS and I did a lot of work and made a lot of changes. Here are a few of them.

Starting with major tree felling and stump pulling. The land is being levelled out a little and views to the lake being opened up. Here is the studio with new lights, ceiling fan, and curtains along the north wall that hide storage.

Many trees were cut down this year and won't go to waste. Look at all the firewood. And this is only one pile of three!

A new propane tank means I will never run out of fuel at an inopportune time! Even the BBQ is now hooked up to this monster.

The new marina! OK so it is a simple dock. But what an improvement over the old dock, which is floating in the distance at the end of the new one.

Event he old shed got a new lease on life with a new metal roof. Oh there is still lots to do but we made a great dent in the list!

The Far Pacific

In the main square of Christchurch, New Zealand. After the horrific earthquake of 2010 I wonder if this gorgeous sculpture still stands? I prefer to remember it this way.
And here is the most lovely train station in Dunedin. The intricacy of its masonry is admirable.
As a geologist I appreciate the use of natural materials to such great effect.

And nature provides many spectacles to behold. This is the view from my hotel room.

And the whole reason I visited New Zealand was this crazy life long dream to see the mudpits of the country. Does that seem bizarre to you? My mother brought home a geology book when I was about five years old. It covered much of the volcanic and hydrothermal regime of New Zealand and for some unexplicable reason I was mesmerized. When your dreams come true it is a special thing. Even if it is the Earth farting in your face.

Sweet Place

Sunrise ushers in a brand new day at camp. It is not uncommon to experience lovely colourful sunrises. We also enjoy the sunset colours. The late day rays pour over the ridge and colour the lake and surrounding bush.
I don't know what this plant is; it's a bush height. This is a fall image we caught as we walked the dogs along the road by the beaver pond.

Did I mention the sunrises? Part of the new dock is visible as well. I think you'll agree it's a great place to sit and enjoy a coffee. At the same time I thank my lucky stars to be living there.

Beginning of April with a view of the Narrows. Check out how low the water levels are. I have seen lower, but not very often.

And while beavers are known to be very industrious, their proclivity towards satelllite TV is largely undocumented. A rare photo of a beaver lodge with a satellite dish. Wonder what those rodents are watching....

New Look

I'm trying out a new look. What do you think? And I couldn't resist adding some beauty to the blog. These lovelies are from camp. Day lilies. Sweet!