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In Search of Friends

Woman's best friend. Yup. This is Tika, one of my two Norwegian Elkhounds. Standing on the arctic tundra. He is the most incredible dog I've shared a life with. And a fabulous friend. But a person needs human friends as well. At least that's what I hear.
Having gone through some major changes in my life over the past year and a half, I've lost a pile of closely situated friends. They are far flung and not as accessible as one would like.
So what advice can you share on finding new friends? What works for you? Do you search them out actively? If so , how? or do you just roll along on the wheel of life and hope that interesting, friendly people come your way? Is there ever a time for urgency?
And Sigi. My female Elkhound friend. Having a little rest. Wonderful friends, the both of them. But not able to share my love of Gustavian interior design principles. Shoot.

Beauty Disrobed

An entirely mixed series of shots. But these things struck me as so beautiful today. This was my evening. I tried to name this the Gratuitous Naked Beauty Shots, and Blogger wouldn't let me upload the photos. Too funny. I guess Naked is a bad word.
Enjoy your evening. May there be peace and beauty in your life today.

A knitting studio takes shape

so this is the space as it was up to a couple of weeks ago. A work in progress. The space is 24 by 30 feet with ceiling about 11 feet high. Four large skylights run along the south wall. The large window is in the west end wall. At the east end there is a medium window and a pair of garden doors.

Next time I go to my camp, I will see a big change. my builder is now drywalling and will follow with the taping, mudding, priming and painting. I am so excited that I am approaching the end of the build.

These photos show the studio full of all my excess furniture. Essentially it has been serving as storage and as guest bedroom for the past four years. As I save up the money, the next stage of work is done.

Some flooring will also go in this year and also a propane heater that looks like a woodstove. The garage space is also getting drywalled and a functional heater put in. Plus a propane heater is going into the living room in the main cabin. I am looking to the future when I won't be …