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Boat Barn

A good chunk of the summer was taken up with building a boat barn. BS and the local lumberyard owner designed it, and my builder buddy, GA, did an amazing job leading the charge. Of note are the ten foot high walls and the 9 foot high garage doors at both ends! This feature allows us to pull through with the large boat and not have to jockey around and break stuff.
 The safety inspector came by a lot but always seemed to be asleep. BS was the capable assistant on the whole job and I stepped in when Amazonian might was required. No humans (or safety inspectors) were hurt during the build.
 Ta Da! Here is the finished beauty. No it's not at the water's edge. I don't allow any man made structures down there. The otters, and turtles and fish own that area.  We have a large landing area with a good boat launch, and BS even improved on that so we can circle around with a trailer and not have to shimmy around.
 By fall the boat barn was done and we could zoom around the lake…