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Something New For Me

As the title suggests, I have yet another new tool for the studio. This time I purchased something new. In fact it is so new, that I was a supporter through Kickstarter. This electric spinning wheel is in the development stage. Eventually it will be available for general purchase.

The first photo shows the beginnings of my spinning on this Electric Eel Wheel 5. I do not need the silicone mat for slippage since the wheel has rubber feet. But the inventor of the wheel found that it runs a little quieter with it. The construction is mostly bamboo and 3D printed plastic. This guy is very small ( around 5 by 7 inches) and very lightweight.

It operates via three different power sources. I can plug into normal household current. In the truck, as a passenger, I can be spinning using the accessory port, drawing power from the vehicle battery. And if I am away from these two sources, I have a portable lithium ion battery that will run it for eleven hours at full speed!

The fiber I am spinning t…