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I am here. Texas. And it feels so good. Do you know that feeling when you have found a place that suits your soul. It is not the same as being at camp but it is a close second! Okay we made it fine and now live where there is electricity and fibre optic and fast internet. So look out!

Above is a shot of the warp chain I am planning to put on my loom next. The natural colour is linen, the purples are cotton and the hits of gold are superwash wool. Let's hope they all get along somewhat in the shibori-crimp cloth project I am planning. I am excited to be using linen that I brought all the way from Lithuania as a youngster.

 Here is the Whirling Dervish support spindle I bought used this summer. It is made by Malcom Fielding and is a joy to spin on. I am just using up some gifted fibre there....just goofing around. Oh there are rubber tubes protecting both ends.

 And get a load of this riot of colour. This fiber came with a video I recently watched about the many ways you can sp…