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Weaving and Spinning Stuff for sale


I am facilitating the advertising of these spinning and weaving items for a friend. I am not the seller nor do I represent the seller. If you have an interest in these items please contact me and I will connect you to the seller. Any details of the purchase are between you and the seller. 
ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD> THANK YOU ******************************************************************************

1. Oxaback Combination Drawloom – single unit and pattern saver; 160 cm Oxaback  with bench
2 back beams
20 ground shafts
Two battens - one with fly shuttle and one without
Combination draw with pattern storage system
50 pattern shafts and single unit and pattern storage

There are also several temples to send with the loom.

Stainless steel reeds - quantity 12

I feel it only right to include the Oxaback  4 meter warping mill and the Oxaback trapeze.  These two items are essential in preparing a proper warp and beaming it on.  The trapeze can be used on other looms,…

Happy Holidays

A year ago I had a table set up at an artists' fair and a lady noticed some bright Turkish stockings I was knitting up. She loved the colours and the wool and asked if I would make her a Christmas stocking with the same yarns. She also wanted the designs to be Andean type motifs. I agreed to take on the job.

 I really enjoyed designing and making this. I have books with traditional motifs in them. That is were I drew from, for the majority of the motifs. I charted it all out on one large sheet of graph paper. the knitting up was done at camp and the sewing and finishing was down south.

Now I just hope the lady remembers to call me up. I asked her for her contact info and instead she took my card and said she would call me. We had agreed to a price, so that part was fine.

Well if she does not appear in 2015..... anyone want to buy a unique Christmas stocking??

Grain Mill

Here is the first thing I made with the flour I ground myself. It is the Italian Bread recipe that I make the most often. Really it is the leftover dough from a pizza dough that I love to make.
It turned out delicious. It was a very successful test of the new mill and the new grain.

 And the first pizza from the same dough as above. The crust was more flavourful than I am used to and have more of a crispiness which I love too.

 Here is the brute that did all the work. I received it in a swap from a friend who wanted my alto saxophone. This is very easy to use. My first whole grain experiment is with hard white wheat. I will probably use it most of the time for that. I set the coarseness to about one sixth of the way from the fine end of things.

And yesterday I made some tortillas with the same hard white wheat.
They eventually went into the making of chicken enchiladas. I also made a chunky guacamole for topping.

I am sure going to have fun with the grain mill. My favourite th…


I am here. Texas. And it feels so good. Do you know that feeling when you have found a place that suits your soul. It is not the same as being at camp but it is a close second! Okay we made it fine and now live where there is electricity and fibre optic and fast internet. So look out!

Above is a shot of the warp chain I am planning to put on my loom next. The natural colour is linen, the purples are cotton and the hits of gold are superwash wool. Let's hope they all get along somewhat in the shibori-crimp cloth project I am planning. I am excited to be using linen that I brought all the way from Lithuania as a youngster.

 Here is the Whirling Dervish support spindle I bought used this summer. It is made by Malcom Fielding and is a joy to spin on. I am just using up some gifted fibre there....just goofing around. Oh there are rubber tubes protecting both ends.

 And get a load of this riot of colour. This fiber came with a video I recently watched about the many ways you can sp…