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To a speedy recovery

My penpal Lucie is just out from surgery today. These flowers are for you Lucie. I know the news wasn't what you wanted to hear. Brave on and keep on that great path you've been following. Love.

More New Zealand

This corner of Heaven is at Wanaka, on the South Island. It is in the Southern Alps and a playground for the wealthy. Stunning teal blue waters lie at the feet of a line of mountains.
This spectacular building is the railway station in Dunedin. Get a load of the fancy stonework. Something to behold.

Downtown Christchurch and an ornate bridge over the Avon River. How lovely. Antique streetcars rattled by. Calm gondoleers pushed narrow boats with couples up and down the river.

You know you've arrived when you are about to spend a few hours inside of the largest wool shop in the Southern Hemisphere. Yeah. It may have been the largest in the world for a few years. I had wanted to visit for years and years. This particular Knitworld is in Christchurch. If you're a good girl, yes, your dreams will all eventually come true.
Now I'm in Dunedin, on the South Island, with the best hostess and tour guide ever! She had just bravely driven up this steepest road in the world. It's …