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Pretty Earth Creations

So many gorgeous minerals are found on earth. Here is just one example of misolite. Delicate and spectacular, this prized specimen was on display at an Indian mineral exhibit. (Tucson gem and mineral show 2010). For scale, it is over two feet long.

At the Arizona Mineral and Fossil Co-op, this fellow was a little under dressed for the occasion. If you look carefully under the belly you might pick out the baby wooley mammoth. Just for scale, these two are a tad over two feet long!

And just when you thought nature by itself is not gorgeous enough, we came across this lovely carving.

Now wouldn't that cup of coffee taste great in the morning served on this lovely fossil table? A huge fossil ammonite at one end echoes the smaller sliced and polished ammonites in the table top.

By evening we'll switch over to using these lovely wine goblets. Beautiful earth tones in the agate invite caresses and the enjoyment of yet another glass.