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The Christmas Tree

I believe that trees are vital to my happiness and the health of my surroundings. I am starting a new tradition, or maybe it is underway already and I am just formalizing it. I plan on planting a new tree on my property every year around Christmastime. Last year it was the Mexican Buckeyes. Thankfully they are doing very well. Right now they are going into dormancy. Thus no pictures of the naked little trees at this time. I doubt they will flower this spring, being fairly small. But if they do - pictures for sure.

Now the shot above is what the live oaks look like in the winter time. They basically are green all year round. They will drop leaves in the late winter but replace them very fast. The tree grows about 1-2 feet per year and they are natural and plentiful in this region.

The seedlings I harvested today, from a ditch that gets routinely mowed, are now happily transplanted into two spots on my property. I have surrounded them with a few rocks for a little heat and shelter. Plu…