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Here I am with a used Leclerc Weavebird loom. I tidied up and painted a corner of my garage. I have it all ready to go! Well i do need to check on the shaft cable tension, lubricate, and also get some more teksolv heddles. 

 This image shows the counterweights that help with raising the shafts. It is 16 shafts and has a maximum weaving width of 45 inches.  It is a computer dobby and so the treadling and tie ups are done by computer.

 I have room in the corner for a shelving unit and happen to have one available. Finally I have a suitable open wall to display that happy rug with the three girls .

 To the left is the position for the bench where I will sit when weaving. This photo is from the dealer's store. We drove down there to pick it up. A 3156 km road trip.
And here is what the front half of the loom looked like in the truck. The back half was disassembled and underneath.