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The time is just racing by and things are going well at the lake. Some renovations and spring cleaning happened and we've had family visiting. That's a glorious thing.
I will be getting back to my crafts soon. One of the things I am trying to learn are a few different pick up band weaving techniques. This one is called horizontal stripe pick up.
 Also I need to get back to his exploration of Leno lace.  This is probably the simplest form, called 1x1. I have a lot to learn about Leno lace.

 And here is my basic evening knitting project. It will be a scarf for BS. It is merino sock yarn and the stitch is called Hunter's Stitch. Athe some point this crazy heat has to break, right?

This sunrise happened a week ago. I have edited the photo to intensify the colour. But not by much. What a palette,eh?