So I've been away to camp again and resting the soul. These trips to my sanctuary are so vital to my life, I can't imagine not having a place like this to escape to. Everyone who wants to strive for a stress-free life has to have a place to escape to. Mine is a physical place. Once there, it is a spiritual place as well.
I hear that most North Americans don't take the annual vacation that is allotted to them. This perplexes me to no end. You have an opportunity to take a break from the busy work world, with full pay and benefits, and you don't take it? I can understand if not everyone in the family can get time off together, then you may not take a vacation faraway. But even to veg and sit in the backyard, with your feet soaking in a wading pool. Why not?
Is it because this typical American is afraid of losing their job? I heard this too. How can this be? If your job is so tenuous, is it a place worth working at? What do you mean "they can't cope without me?" I worry, how can your body, mind and soul cope without rest?
I suppose I am greedy and I put my needs in front of the company needs. For a long long time I was self employed and so time off was time off without pay. I still took it back then. But man, is it ever sweeter now!
Be good to yourself and those around you. Renew and refresh yourself by "getting away".


  1. This post should be required reading for all North Americans! There are a lot of reasons, economic and cultural, for people to not take their vacation time, and I don't see it getting better. Of course, they keep going off to Disneyworld instead of to a peaceful, soul-restoring camp, so they don't even know what a wonderful vacation actually means.


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