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Rain = Studio Time

Hello Friends; This spring and summer has been quite rainy and it's meant a fair bit of time is spent in the studio. I love it! A lot is getting done and new hobbies are being added to the retenue, much to Mr's chagrin.
 So here is one of the second pair of Lithuanian socks I knit up this summer. Both are knit and all the ends are now darned in. I do need to block them though. They are for Mr, which might explain why they are like skis.
This quilt top was in a box of things I inherited from my late husband's mother. I am finishing this quilt now, and learning to quilt as I go along. It will be a surprise gift for her daughter, who loves purple.
Close up of my first attempts at hand quilting. I am having fun with it for sure. I think I will only quilt the pink and the purple pieces.
This is a picture of the pattern I followed to make the blue booties below. They went together surprisingly quickly, but of course, being for a baby they are tiny and the seams are short.  …