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Stevie and Sila

Here are my two Kromski spinning wheels. The wheel on the left is the Minstrel model. I bought it new in November 2011. I have been spinning on it every day since then. The beauty on the right is the Polonaise, acquired used, just this week. On top of continuing to spin on the Minstrel, I have two bobbins full on the Polonaise already as well. I adore both these wheels.

Instead of calling the wheels "this" and "that" I gave them names. The Minstrel I named "Stevie" for Stevie Ray Vaughn, my favourite blues musician and favourite guitarist. I'll be taking this wheel north to Canada, and so it will remind me of my southern home. Double Trouble with this double treadle , double drive.
The Polonaise wheel then required a northern name, as it will be left in the south. After some careful thought I selected the name Sila, an Inuit word. In common everyday language it refers to the air, the weather, the sky. It also means "breath of life" and &qu…