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Pick-up Band Weaving

Last week I was delighted to be able to participate in a Lithuanian Band Weaving class in the Big City. In this first photo is the very start of the project, with spacer chunks of paper and the still wide plain weave portion visible. After a little bit of the pick up pattern was woven the right edge tidied up and the band is narrower. Maybe I will show you how it looks in another post.

 Here was an inkle loom that won the prize for the smallest and most portable.

 And this gal preferred to work hers resting on the ground.
 now this inkle, A Fuchs brand, had an interesting tensioning mechanism on it.
 Some of the participants working away, We see inkle looms of various types. I had also brought a simple frame loom to show as well with a project on it.
Our instructor, a Lithuanian lady at left. Myself in the middle and a lovely weaver on the right. We are intent on learning everything we can! I wish I had these learning opportunities closer to home. It was a fun day and I'm very g…