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The cavalcade of looms

Since the end of September my loom acquisition hormone is in overdrive. On the last day of September I purchased a used Leclerc Colonial loom. I named the loom Cecile, after the previous owner. It is a counterbalance type. It resides at Home North.

In the three images above you are seeing different views of the same loom. Introducing "Bright", my Harrisville Rug Loom. I also purchased this used ( in November 2016)  and it is a vertical countermarche type. It can weave up to 45 inch width of cloth. This loom is ideally designed to produce rugs, being very heavy duty: heavy beater bar and the warp extender tensioning system. The bags hanging there are the remains of a warp that the seller kindly left on for me. So at least for this first project I will not have to fight with the trickier threading. And so I currently own three large floor looms and they are one of each type:  jack, counterbalance and vertical countermarche. I am pleased to think that I have set myself up for…