Knitting Around New Zealand

A few months back a trip to new Zealand represented a life long dream come true.

I travelled that marvellous land for three weeks, taking in everything i could about everyday life, the fabulous geology, the scenery and the intertwining of man and nature.

I took a lot of photograghs and notes along the way. I drew much inspiration from the land and the people. In particular the unique geology impressed me - the hydrothermal regions, the volcanoes, the Southern Alps. It was all so accessible and so easy to explore.

My intention now is to work on a collection of knit designs, based on the inspirations from this trip. It may be clothing, or accessories such as hats and tote bags, or even items for the home. Some pieces may wind up being art pieces.

I'm busy with another book at the moment, but as soon as that wraps up, I can devote my time to this new project. I will be preparing this as a book. Part travelogue, part philosophy (cleary just my limited view of things) and part knitting designs. What do you think?

If publishers are intrigued, it could be a great way to see parts of the world. I hear there are some pretty interesting rocks at the foot of the Himalayas.............


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