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Moosely Wild

It's a wild and wet day and wouldn't you know it, some wet wildlife came to visit. Here is a yearling moose. I didn't dare get up off my recliner, so thank goodness my camera was close at hand. As he looked right at me, I tried not to move much as I took this shot. He grazed at the lush grass for a bit and worked his way across the edge of the deck. In a minute or two the encounter was over.

 Earlier this spring a neighbour  and I have seen a mother and yearling in the area. Maybe this yearling is our previous sighting? Mother was no where to be seen today. Maybe she has let her young one know it is time for it to be on its own?
If it wasn't for the rain and for the deck bench, it'd be a great shot.  And for the crafty amongst you, this is the third sock in the series of traditional Lithuanian socks I started knitting a year ago. The design is from Donna Druchunas and is called Compass Rose Sock. Here it is with the ends not sewn in and not yet blocked. The secon…