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A comparison - Ontario to Texas

Well on the eve of leaving for Home North I am reflecting on some differences between the two homelands. Where we live in Ontario there is possible more water than there is land. We live in the thick boreal forest, very much a wilderness area.

And not too far east of us is Lake Superior, the largest lake in the world. Did you know that a lunar tide can be measured on this lake?

Where we live in Texas has some small towns everywhere. And it is a livestock producing agricultural area. There are a few rivers in the region.

Of particular interest is a comparison of the size of Texas and Ontario. In terms of area: Texas is 268,820 sq miles or 696,241 sq km. Ontario has Texas beat easily with 415,598 sq miles or 1.08 million sq km.

Sigi loved both homes as we do too. A bouquet of gratitude for the differences between the two places and that they provide such good homes for us.