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Fur Hat People

Tonight was the Santa Claus Parade and I decided to don the silver fox hat to keep the chill away. Same hat as in this photo. The rest of the outfit was different. It's not cold enough outside for a sealskin coat. (must be -20 C or colder for this full length parka).I raced down to the main drag and looked around for some friends. Not finding them I sat down on the edge of a wooden planter box, in the most perfect parade viewing location. A buddy from work and is daughter ambled over and he greeted me with "We noticed the fur hat and had to come and join you". He was wearing a fabulous white wolf hat.I told his daughter that I had requested of several float organizers that a lot of candy be tossed out to the crowds. Buddy and I demonstrated how we would score all the candy with the fur hats as catchers' mitts. His daughter quickly snatched his out of his hands and ran off to try.I didn't see any other fur hatted folk in our vicinity. People had cleverly parked…

Dissolving Arts and Crafts

This project is inspired by Chrissy, an artist hanging on in Geraldine, New Zealand. She gave me the Solve bags and the general instructions. She explained that this soft pliable plastic-like material is made from corn starch. Oce immersed in warm water, the material dissolves away.
With the first dumping of snow coming down around me today, I pulled out the equipment I'd need. I had several types of yarn from New Zealand I wanted to use in this first attempt of a shawl that dissolves away. The 3D glasses are optional.

First, banish the dog to the hallway and cut open one bag. Lay flat.

Start with the black possum and sheep wool product. I just pulled from the centre of the ball and enjoyed the angular "scribblings". A random pattern works best. I laid down some white wool boucle after that.

I looked across the room and my eye caught a silk and yak wool hank I had on the shelf. It begged to be included, and so I had to divert and wind the hank into a ball. I had no clea…

How Gone is Gone?

Undergoing a large renovation is not for the shy. My whirpool was installed in the basement when there weren't any walls roughed in. IT passed inspection a day or two later. It sat there taunting me. Coaxing me. The builder has a key to my house; soundlessly letting himself in and out as his moonlighting schedule allows. The electrician pops in an out along the same lines. I just leave the door open for him when I suspect he's coming. So there goes your privacy. There goes your evening enjoyment of the whirlpool tub. Particularly when there were no walls or doors. Thankfully the plumber came in, did his job quickly and was away.
Are they gone? Are they gone for good? Maybe he just went back to his shop to get some tools???? Maybe a run out to A&W for a burger?? So you twiddle your thumbs and dare not plunge into the pool.
A neat new tracking tool has come to my attention recently. It combines the analytical skills of a GPS with the communication skills of a sat phone that l…