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Meet the New Mermaid and New Fibre Projects

A little privacy please! This new "wall" began as a request for a little privacy on the back porch. Mornings in the pjs spent sitting out there, coffee in hand, watching the sunrise...ah..... My Dearest accommodated me and built this fabulous wall. A lick of paint was added to match that on the rest of the house (the few parts that aren't rock) and a thrift store painting, and look what a nice Mermaid's Grotto.
Something needed to be done to try to block out some of the 14 overhead wires that could be seen while in the grotto. And thus a new mermaid came to live with us. I drew the image on some thick plywood, and My Dearest very aptly jigsawed it out. Isn't she lovely? Right now she is painted black to match along with window and door trim. She seems right at home over the seaside painting.
Other crafty things happening, and there are lots of them....
Four yarns are coming together to make a sofa throw. Both the centre panel (background) and the border are do…