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Camp Beckons

I know. It hasn't been long since I returned from camp. Eh? This is my favourite season and I can't stay away. I have no willpower. And well, I have a good excuse to return now. The propane dudes will be back to install the final free-standing stove. The one for the studio. Aside from the fact this 350 lb sucker will have to be humped up a few stairs, I think it will go smoothly. Then I will surely be the Queen of the Lake. So once the stove is in, I can start to set up the studio as a studio. So you know what that means Friends? The Northwest's fanciest bunkie is no longer. I think you will all be tenting from now on. Once I get my knitting spread out, sewing machines 'a humming, and silver jewellery bench all set up - there is no turning back. Early retirement is looming. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I'll catch up with you once I'm back. Oh hey - saw a great quote today, something like this. We do not stop playing when we get old. We get old when we stop playi…