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So many new things

A lot of crafty things are happening. Because I am so busy in the studio, not a lot of time is spent getting online. I have started to flick and card the white Rambouillet fleece. This was so heavy with lanolin that I have washed it on two separate occasions. So far the carding is going well, albeit slowly. Stay tuned for photos of that. I will be spinning it for a fancy sweater or jacket project. 

I probably posted pictures of this quilt top last summer. At that point I had the central blue parts done.  The graphic design is called Tippicanoe. I am going with a marine theme for this quilt. It is a king sized coverlet. This summer so far I have added the narrow green frame around the blue blocks. Then I still wanted it wider, and so I found this medium brown. Plus I had just enough of the yellow and orange fabrics, from the centre of the canoes, to use in a big block in each corner. Today I did most of the machine quilting of this blanket. That is not an easy task, let me admit that …