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You learn something new

Not one to have ever had lots of pictures taken of me, I am now scrounging around a little to find suitable pictures to place on an online dating website. Yeah, it was time to try something new. At least it is new to me. And although I have only signed up a few hours ago, some fine-sounding guys have said "hello". It's a bit strange to first meet someone electronically. I'm so used to observing the facial expressions, the body language, etc. All that unspoken stuff. A shy smile, an impromptu giggle, a coy look, a fun little dance down the sidewalk. I suppose the email chats are just the foot in the door and then one can head down the more traditional path of actually meeting and gazing upon one another.
Somewhere I have some more interesting shots of snowmobiling in the arctic mountains and fishing the Quetico muddy pools. Now where did I put them????


Just pretty. And it's my favourite season.

Mermaid's back!

Not that I want to be. Honestly, each time I go to camp now, it becomes harder to point the vehicle away and return to the job and the house. ( I warned my boss that it could happen soon, my "non-return"). I think it is because I am approaching the attainment of the DREAM. To build the garage and studio and to begin using it. I can taste it now folks. It is easy to visualize it now. I can start to use the studio even with the old furniture and stuff I have put in there just now. So I have my hand on the DREAM and can feel it. Basically the wool stash has to be transported there somehow - anyone have an eighteen wheeler?
Bear with me while I gloat and show you some pictures of the third and final propane stove. This one is in the studio. One warming shelf is still missing. There are some funky mitten warmers too. Take a look. You pull the steel rod up and catch it on the edge of the shelf and hang your dog-hair covered sock. Or mittens. Very cool, don't you think? and yeah,…