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Out with the old...

The before. This beauty came with the house. Workable.
And after! Pretty eh? Best of all it works on a thermostat , so the busy mermaid doesn't have to worry about it.

Knit Design Update Two

So here it is! 2011 - 1 is completed. Well as far as I can tell right now. It's hard to embroider with chunky wool on thick garter stitch fabric. But I do like the rustic/primitive look of the animals.
This can be used as a baby blanket or a mat for junior on the floor.

I added the blanket stitch border to stress the rustic aspect.

Ah, and this might just wind up as design project number three for 2011 Number two was the neckwarmer described in the last post) . I am knitting up a pile of sea stars. Framed in lace, the six petalled stars are quite easy to knit up. I may combine them with a watery lace panel to make a shawl or a poncho. Hmm. Or it may become a blanket. I haven't decided yet.

The difference between blocked and unblocked. Mind you, the scrunched up one in the centre does look like it could scuttle across the blocking board at any moment.

I just saw it move....did you see it move? ???

Knit Design Update One

2011 #1: I've been a busy little beaver, knitting up three different kinds of squares. All very simple. This design started with a gift of yarn; just one ball. So once it gained a life of it's own, I had to scramble to find other yarns to go with it into a project. It is all acrylic because, well, that's what the gift was, and it is going to be a mat or blanket for a baby. It should be as easy to care for as possible. The mat.... not the baby..... they are never "easy".
The yarn I received was the variegated one in the bottom left. Aqua to blue. Very soft. Nice for a baby. Then I bought the plain darker aqua to match. But the gauge is different so I made simple garter stitch, to preserve the thickness across the mat. Finally, I was at a yarn shop that carried the same soft acrylic but I couldn't get the exact colour, and so we have a solid lighter aqua.

Yes, there isn't an even number of variegated rectangles, but I don't mind, and I don't think b…