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Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day will be celebrated here. And yes, I will likely be canoeing and having a grand old time. Do something fun and special that day! Happy Birthday Canada. You're looking pretty good Girl!

Life's a Beach

So today was a typical day. After supper and in between rain showers and thunderstorms, I took the dogs down to Cummings Beach for our exercise. This photo was taken some time ago, looking into Peninsula Harbour, and catching the edge of Skin Island. As the name suggests, it was a host to a brothel. Because such a thing wasn't allowed in the town limits, the enterprising businessperson moved it out to a nearby island. Ah, the good old days!

The area I live in is gorgeous. Nestled on the shore of the largest lake in the world, the town is embraced by large rocky hills and sand-filled coves. Some spectacular beaches can be found. Some you can drive to, but most you need to hike into. Normally you will be the only person visiting the beach. Talk about relaxing.

You won't find any garbage on our beaches either, just driftwood. Maybe if you're good I'll share some photos of these special places in the days to come.

For now it will remain a secret haunt for the local intrepid.