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I have gone and melted!

Jeepers but it has been a very hot spring and summer.  The worst part of it was having all that humidity but no rain!

Recently I participated at the Artisan Fair at the local bass classic fish tournament. Although I was in the shade of a large pavilion, it was a hot day. Not many folks were thinking about wrapping themselves up in wool.  I did sell enough to cover my expenses though! I demonstrated spinning all day long and the children really enjoyed that.

I saw this cross stitch kit and had to have it.  The Black Pearl is a design by The Primitive Hare. This mermaid is being stitched up right now.  At 15 stitches per inch though, it will take awhile.

Inspired by a book about knitting in circles I am using up oddments of spring green yarn.  I hope to make a fun shawl out of this some day.

 Have I shown you my yarn production during this year's Tour de Fleece? All the skeins are two ply. All are wool but different types. The white is the rambouillet fibre which has been a long ru…