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Fibernaculum revealed

The old cistern building is a very solid stone structure with one door and one window opening. It no longer has a tank on top of the roof but we go up there to drink beer and gaze at the Back Forty.
I have just used the space to store extra bicycles and camping gear and such.
It was time to regain that as useful space. I am converting it to a fibre preparation workshop.

I gave it the name Fibernaculum. This week I read a comment on Ravelry where the poster said something about "fibernating". I thought that was an excellent expression and well describes what I do all winter. Fibernate = Hibernate. Then I was thinking about a name for my new workspace. Because the place an animal holes up for hibernation is called a hibernaculum, I am calling my space the Fibernaculum. 

So, inside and to the right is the main storage area. Some totes contain fiber dyeing supplies. Other totes contain fleeces or even fibre ready for blending.

 On the left side I put together a higher counter s…