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The Lawn and Garden Show

It's too bad the show got so busy and I couldn't pull out my camera later on. I was surrounded by a lush jungle of gorgeous plants: all ready to planted out at some lucky person's ranch. You should've been there, since it felt so fresh and healthy!

Anyways, this shot shows my modest little table, covered in knit and woven items, as I set up for a sale. I have not done this before and know that there is a limit to the amount of $ one can earn in the country before tax laws kick in. The vase in the centre, (handmade out of birchbark and sweetgrass), is holding several simple spindles that I made to sell inexpensively.

Here is a close up of one of the 5$ spindles. They are all a bit different. Due to the very lightweight woods used, the prototype needed more weight in order to spin for some time. So I dove into my Bin of All Things Thrift Store, and found ribbon with beads already sewn on. These beads not only sparkle and spin prettily, but make a lovely, soft clicking n…