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Winter Classes Preview

This winter I hope to have the opportunity to teach a few knitting classes. Three that have been formulated are introduced below. All designs are my own. 

 One class will cover how to add beads to your knitting. Here is a very simple beaded lace fabric used to cover a candle holder. I haven't thought of a good name for this little thing yet.
 Students who would rather make a wristwarmer, can use the same pattern and wind up with some cool accessories. I called these Goddess of the Sea Wristwarmers.
This Woodland Trail Sock was a joy to design and to knit.  The sock class is aimed at beginners who have never done a sock before. To make the heel during the duration of the class, we will be using worsted weight yarn. 
And last but not least, the poncho. This is a study in cables, for the beginner. Two very simple rectangles. The easiest little cable you can imagine. A seed stitch border. It all comes together to create the Rocky Rapids Poncho.