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This image is taken from the weather website. It gives the average temperatures for this part of Texas. As you can see, the coldest part of the winter is just past now and the night time temps will start to rise slowly at first.

Today I ran into a gal at the grocery store. She was looking for firewood. It seems there is a cold blast coming later this week. When asked how cold, she really couldn't say. Minus two. Twenty. I asked if the minus two was celsius or what? Not sure. Twenty I said. Not so bad; wasn't it 22 the other morning??? With wide eyes and clutching her fake fur, she said she really didn't know. It NEVER gets that cold here. She was in a tizzy.

I hope she finds some wood. And so when I checked a weather forecast, the low will be around 16 Farenheit. Yup, that would be cold for around here. Best check on my inventory too.