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Studio Paint and Floor

Pardon the fuzzy picture of the new propane fireplace. Seems they are all out of focus. My hands must've been trembling with excitement. So this little stove is in the living room (main cabin) actually. The one for the studio hadn't arrived at the propane company yet. Poor me, I'll have to go back to camp soon for the final installation!

And here are a couple of shots of the studio. Ta- Da!! Man it is so close to being done I can taste it. Or is it the Crown Royal on the rocks I am sipping at the moment?? Okay, so the switchplate covers went AWOL and so they are all hanging down - but soon to be rectified. And there are some lights to purchase and then a whole line of built in cabinets. But that's for another time. It's painted and the floors are in. I am delighted and love the colours. Sure it is not the usual bright colours I live with, but wait until it gets loaded up with art and studio stuff. Even with one large painting I put in there yesterday, it really c…