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Artisat joins the herd

The latest addition to the weaving studio is the Leclerc Artisat floor loom. It has a weaving width of 36 inches and will take the place of the Schacht Mighty Wolf. The latter is packed and will be heading up to camp to live in the studio there. Both of these looms are the same size and have the same number of shafts. The Mighty Wolf has convenient wheels that pop down when the loom is folded up, making it easy to move around.
The Artisat, shown above, is made of lovely maple and is quite a sturdy loom. I couldn't wait to get a project going, just to test her out. This loom also folds up nicely to reveal more space in the guest bedroom.
 This advancing twill pattern is a four shaft design. Although the Artisat has eight shafts, right now I only have heddles for four. This is a mercerized cotton warp and rayon slub weft.
The pattern is a little subtle because of the variegated or dappled nature of the yarn, but I think this is an interesting effect. I am not sure what I will make…