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Spring at the Lake

Since we arrived in early April it snowed on us maybe four times.  This photo is of the only time that it stayed on the ground. We enjoyed it while it lasted, because it was the first snow we had seen in over a year or two.   Now we are approaching the start of walleye fishing season and Blue Thuder has come to join our flotilla of boats. The previous owners' son called it that, not realizing he had made a spelling mistake on the sign proclaiming the boat's name. A red boat beside it was called Red Lighting.

 There are some new developments on the gardening front. We have been busy building the box to hold the soil we have made. This raised bed will be painted up, once the nights are a bit warmer.
In the photo you can also see the greenhouse which I was gifted by a neighbour. So far the seedling plants enjoy hanging out in the greenhouse during the day. At night they are coming in to the cabin.
 In this photo is a sample of my next weaving project. The warp is ready and I am …