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Rockin' Around the Neighbourhood

A couple more shots of my neighbourhood. Nice spot eh? I love the North Shore of Lake Superior and am so very happy living here. Get a load of the scenery. You'll have to pardon the grainy quality, but if I ever find the time I will try to re scan these old old slides with brand new technology. I'd rather be hiking. The upper image is a very typical shot of the coastline around here. Rocky, sometimes brutally barren, storm wracked, stunningly beautiful. The second shot is of the Sea Lion, a famous rock formation from Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. A diabase dyke has resisted erosion to remain as a strong, competent wall, even as the softer sedimentary rock around it has crumbled away. I will try to find some pics I have of this from over a hundred years ago and you'll really see the lion's head in those old black and whites. (yes, I took those shots too!! I am immortal after all = Goddess of the Seas)

Studio Coming Together

So as you can see it is still a work in progress but I am getting closer and closer to a studio I can use. My fantastic builder G is still there (at my camp) working hard in the high heat. It was 32 degrees celsius for five days over the Labour Day weekend. Poor guy. The images are from the second floor above a large garage and workshop space, which is also being drywalled and painted now. The upstairs studio has four south-facing skylights (more to bring in winter sun actually), and large windows and garden doors going out to a deck. The view is out to "my" lake. Just heaven, truly. The studio will be a place to play with words, wool, fabric and looms. There will be a jewellery-making workshop in the garage. I'm an avid knitter and designer, and dabble in all the other crafts. I'm also writing a book, which will be published next June. I hope to write more in the future. This place in the trees will hopefully help me to tap into the right side of my brain. Who know…

Siren Song

So how does one go about launching into dating when you haven't been dating, oh, for about 30 years? I'll tell you it begins with a shock. At first there is a sudden realization that you are single once again. You realize that there are fellows starting to sniff around and in some cases making advances. I think a month went by before it struck me that this was happening. Then I felt like a teenager again for a couple of weeks.
A little time went by and the head came out of the clouds and I was rationally able to realize that I am in fact now single. Available. Maybe even desirable.
This mermaid is going to have to ease into the dating game once again. But I am looking forward to it with some excitement. And why not? I'm not dead yet.