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Kayak Fishing

[The text wants to come it at the bottom today, so here it is]. We started off harmlessly enjoying the San Antonio Boat Show. Plush campers and dazzling wake boarding boats captivated us for hours. Towards the end of our visit there, an interesting feature of the kayaks offered by Hobie caught our eye. The pedal-powered drive mechanism is truly well designed. It mimics the work of a penguins wings as it flies underwater. (see the image where there are two turbo fins hanging down near the bow. You can see the pedals above the gunwales in the same image).
A little more research at home and we were convinced to purchase such a cadillac of kayak fishing. We will go pick up our new fish catcher in the spring, in Canada... so stay tuned for lots of reviews and pictures.
And here's a warning to those elusive bass monsters in our shallow bays. LOOK OUT, HERE I COME!