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The Heat Retreat

Starting off, here is a shot of the Rio Grande Kit Loom with stabilizer feet added to it. Much better! I got all the cords on and the sectional beaming rakes as well.

 So then it was time to test out the loom.   Using knit cotton rag strips I am weaving some twill placemats.  I think the walking of the treadles is fun and easy to get used to.  As I practise I see that some improvements to the cords can be made. And I may have to hit the rollers with sand paper.
 The not-so-elegant tie up of the treadles could definitely be improved.   In my haste to try out the loom I left the white cords in from previous owner's. They seemed too short so I added a jumper cord.  But I will maybe try the tie up without the jumper and see how it goes.  It could be that some knots are catching on one another and preventing the shafts from always rising nicely.
.    In the knitting basket is a project I am calling Kilauea.  Last winter I purchased the three semi-solid wools and on the very same d…