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Cold and crafty days

Here is a simple embroidery or tapestry frame that I have snagged for a band weaving loom. I am practising my pick-up technique, something I used to do a lot of as a child. It is not hard to do, but it will take a while for my edges and tension to be even. It's really quite fun though. I am using cotton for both warp and weft.
 This photo is of the WooLee Winder on my Polonaise wheel . We have been working together ( machine and I) to make a gorgeous single out of merino wool.

The glamour shot.
The lustre and soft, sexy shot.

The fiber I am using is from Fat Cat Knits in New York state. Here's what it looks like in the braid (combed top). I have bought a fair bit of it. I suspect I will be  making at least a two ply yarn, although 3 ply is calling out to me.

After my art yarn play time of a couple of weeks ago I still had some alpaca woolen singles left over. Today I plied that with a Lionheart ladder yarn called Trellis. The latter was a very excellent thrift store find…