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Old chick yesterday, new chick today

The Great Horned Owl mama is ever vigilant at the front of the nest. In behind her you can just make out the fluffy very large baby. These photos would've benefitted immensely from the use of a tripod, as I had to zoom from a great distance to get these. But as happens when you are moving and your stuff is all in limbo, you have nothing that you need and what you are carting aroubnd seems to be all wrong. I'm still camping in Texas and waiting on the closing for the house I've bought. How is it that I can jump out of planes, cook meals for 400 guests at a banquet, write a book, find a new mineral deposit, yet I can't sit on my hands. This is driving me crazy. I suppose I should be like mama and just chill out.

Happy New Texan

Hey Folks
Here I am just catching the last of the rays of sunlight. Camping out and waiting to close on the purchase of my new house. Yup I bought a rock house! It feels fine. Super fine.