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Me Pics

Seems to be a pattern of me and dogs...

Forty Days to Go

So here's a shot of the gold mill at the Williams Operating Mine. My workplace. I have forty days or work to go before I walk away and retire. The conveyors carry broken chunks of ore (the good rock containing gold) from the underground to the tops of those towers, from which point the crushing of the rock starts.

This monstrosity is the headframe, mechanics shops, warehouse and main administration building. I try to avoid this place as much as possible... The headframe is the tall bit, with the shaft conveyance that gets us in and out of the underground portion of the mine.

This little darling is the Core Shack where I hide out. Outside you can see pallets loaded up with wooden boxes. Those have been delivered to the Core Shack from the Headframe. The drilling happens underground in the mine, and the core samples (rock we investigate) comes in those wooden core boxes. In a typical year we handle about 50 kilometres of drill core here. Two geoscientists and a pile of technicians…

Tonight's ride

Here are a few snaps of today's ride. These are off the Blackberry. A little hard to aim into the sun and see what you are doing. You get what you get.
42More work days and then RETIREMENT!!

Online dating - is it just me?

You might have to back up to the other side of the room to tell what these photos are of. Don't worry, they're not rude! So there have been a few weeks since I posted a personal ad and created a profile looking for new friends in my life. With the possibility of dating and maybe a long term relationship. How's it all going?

Is it just me, or is this a difficult way to meet people for everyone? It could be a lot more effective if you live in a large urban centre, which I don't. Number One big issue is finding time and a way to meet up with the people you are getting good vibes from. Distance is a big barrier, and especially when driving on icy and snowy and often closed highways is the only option. Talk about frustrating. A few guys melted away long ago as the possibility of meeting in the near future faded way. No amount of road salt could thaw that big chill quick enough.

One thing that side tracked me quite a bit was something I already wrote about here; how I spent a …