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Here she is!

BS returned with this charmer in tow! Get a load of all the space! Just before it got dark there was enough time to put up the canopy and test out all the seats! Um, and enjoy a celebratory drink.

Our Flotilla

The two canoes are still the most reliable way to get around on the lake. There is no better way to get up close and personal to the loons.

Inserted here should be a photo of the twelve foot skiff. I'm sure there are some old prints of it around. I generally leave that little boat on a nearby bass fishing heaven hole.

Good old Cedar Lake. She was employed by geologists on Cedar Lake at Hemlo. I'd like to think she assisted in the discovery of the rich Hemlo Gold Mines. Each ding must have a good story.

And the red boat. She never did get a name. Slow but considerably more comfortable to all that came before. And it was a steal of a deal when we bought her. She may become next summer's "project" - strip out all the old heavy wood, see where she leaks, and see if we can juice her up for speed!

And this is the new addition to the marina. For now she is Down South but will make the long drive to camp where she will be employed in the capture of fish, sunshine and goo…