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Learn to Spin

These three lovely skeins are the result of my practising the long draw in spinning. It is a technique for creating woolen yarn; the soft, lofty,warm, springy type of yarn. First I needed to prepare the fibers and blend them. I started with a white mystery wool, green dyed mohair and ivory tussah silk. I am enamoured with this yarn.
 I will be getting a large floor loom in the near future and it was time to re-organize the rock house a little. I wish I could stretch this rock house. For now I had to settle with reorganizing furniture in three rooms. In the guest bedroom, otherwise known as the Painted Floor Studio, I removed one dresser and schlepped the spinning hutch over to a different corner. I think you can make out three wheels jockeying for supremacy and you see a drum carder awaiting my hand.
 Here is the Painted Floor Studio again, looking into the vast northern reaches. Two wheels visible, the drum carder and oh! a recently acquired Wooden Spinner (a skein winder and yar…