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October Already?

This superwash wool outfit will be a gift for the step grandson of my partner. The cardigan has a very simple fair isle design. I thought about pants to go with and just made them with simple stripes.  Now I need to mail this off quickly before the tyke gets too big.
 This is an overshot cloth that I wove on a Leclerc Colonial loom. I just purchased this loom recently,  after I sold my medium-sized Mighty Wolf. The warp is a bumpy cotton. The weft is rayon and variegated. There is a finer purple weft thread too.
 And here is the new to me loom. It was made between 1975 and 82. It is a Leclerc Colonial loom. The maximum weaving width is 60 inches and this is a counterbalance loom.

 Along with the loom purchase I acquired a lot of yarn. Also about half of those shuttles came with it. In fact I really got a huge amount of gear and books , because it was the person's whole studio.

One more shot of C├ęcile,  the new loom. I named her after the original owner of this loom. I am very ve…