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Catalogne - Installment #1

Here is the original pattern page that I made the translations from.  
Diagram A
Diagram B
My translation follows.  ^^^^^^^ Catalogne 
Germine Galerneau , Technician Ministry of Agriculture
Diagram A represents Tie Up at the top. Tie one treadle to shafts 2 and 4 and another treadle to shafts 1 and 3.  The lower portion displays the Treadling . Starting with the treadle tied to shafts 1 and 3, alternate the two treadle throughout.  
Diagram B is the Threading. Using four shafts and working from left to right you will thread heddles in shafts 1, then 2, then 3 and then 4; and repeat this sequence across the desired width of your warp.
Dent: 10 dents per inch and two threads per dent.   Warp: natural colour 2/16 cotton and blue 2/16 cotton.  Weft: white rag strips and blue rag strips.  Natural 2/16 cotton and blue 2/8 cotton. 
Sequence of Weaving : A) 6 picks natural 2/16 cotton  4 picks white rags Repeat above two lines (A) 6 times. 
B) 6 picks natural 2/16 cotton
C) 6 picks blue 2/8 …