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All over the place

My time is being pulled in every direction right now and I feel like there is insufficient time left for crafting. Even though I do not get too involved in holiday activities, there is still a bunch that goes on and eats up time.

So here is the Lithuanian Sash Rug, underway on my Harrisville Rug Loom. I am weaving it with wool weft. I am about two thirds of the way through the first repeat of the charted design. The reverse side of this boundweave rug has the inverted colours.

 This is the chart I graphed out with paper and pencil. I worked on this at camp last summer. The traditional sash design is the dense portion bordered by some faint vertical lines. I added a little bit of geometrics along the sides. It should wind up looking like open Vs along the sides. I hope it looks nice when done. I suspect I will do two repeats of this chart. And the rug will likely be around six feet long.
E.H. is my 94 year old buddy who just moved into an assisted living centre. There he is in the bl…