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gone and done it!

So I've gone and done it. I wrote the exam, passed, and now have my Boat Operator's License. Pretty soon in Canada it will be the law for everyone to have this. So I am glad to have this behind me now.

This photo is from a very fun ride in a jet boat I did with a special friend in New Zealand. It was certainly the most exhilarating part of my trip to that lovely land.

What an extremely scenic tour it was as well as a wild ride. The excursion was through the Southern Alps, and as the name suggests, rugged mountain peaks arched over us. Spectacular turquoise waters carried us. See the photo from my first or second post for some of the scenery.

Not that I'll be spinning 360s in my little fishing boat at camp, but I will be zipping along knowing that I am a little bit safer and smarter on the waters now. And who know? Maybe my destiny in my retirement is to become a jet boat driver in the Southern Alps. There are worse things.