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Top Ten Signs of Spring

Inspired by my friend's blog with her top ten signs of spring (see link to her blog, Green Bananas below), I thought about what I am noticing here in Texas.

1. Thoughts of preparing my income tax return flit through my mind, interspersed with notions of doing some sort of filing first. Naturally neither is being accomplished.

2. Mowing of the grass has increased in frequency and I have all my blue bonnet patches marked out to avoid! This is going to be an awesome year for bluebonnets.

3. I am thinking about the migration I am about to undertake , to return to Canada. I look forward to seeing friends there.

4. Romance is in the air: from the cardinals cavorting at my front porch; the songbirds who wake me up each morning; the wailing cats who pad their tracks over our trucks. This ardour spreads to the new relationship with BS, although he doesn't chirp or wail. 5. The peach stands at the side of the highway are being spruced up, in preparation for local produce. 6. Weazie's cor…